Westchester Per Diem Attorneys: Your Source for On-Demand Legal Expertise

Westchester per diem attorneys are a valuable resource for busy law firms. By delegating certain tasks and appearances to experienced freelance counsel, firms can focus on more pressing legal matters while providing comprehensive representation to their clients. Whether it’s a last-minute court hearing or a complex litigation matter, westchester per diem attorneys are available to support firm needs in a variety of legal disciplines and practice areas.


Assigned per diem attorneys are well-versed in local court procedures, enabling them to provide strategic support for the unique nuances of Westchester legal practice. With extensive experience handling depositions, independent medical examinations, and legal research, westchester per diem attorneys are a valuable partner in helping firms meet the demands of the legal landscape in Westchester County.

In addition to assisting with court appearances, per diem attorneys are also well-versed in administrative proceedings. Whether your firm is dealing with a licensing issue or an audit, a per diem attorney can help navigate these complex proceedings to ensure that the matter is handled efficiently and effectively.

Each year thousands of potential clients contact the WCBA Lawyer Referral Service seeking an attorney to handle their case. The LRS staff prescreens each call, and then referred cases are placed on a rotation basis among the participating attorneys. Per diem attorneys have the added benefit of being able to take calls and schedule appointments when they are free. In this way, they can help alleviate the pressure on the entire staff and allow them to better serve their own clients’ needs.


With a rapidly changing legal landscape, westchester per diem attorneys can offer firms the flexibility and efficiency to compete in today’s competitive environment. Their expertise in a wide range of legal disciplines enables them to provide on-demand assistance that can address the varied needs of attorneys and support the long-term goals of their firms.

With ZR Per Diem, you can rest assured that every assignment will be handled professionally, and with the zealous representation your clients expect. Our team regularly appears in Supreme and Civil courts throughout New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Long Island. We also handle appearances in District Court, Small Claims, Appellate Divisions, Landlord Tenant Court, and Bankruptcy Court. We are the leading choice for freelance per diem attorneys in New York City and its surrounding counties. To find out more about how our services can improve your practice, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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