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Price Of A Roller shutter – Commercial Wooden Window Shutters

What is the price of a roller shutter? How much does a manual roller shutter and an electric wheel drive cost? What are the criteria impacting the price of a PVC and custom wooden shutters? Finally, how much does it cost to install a shutter by a craftsman?

Price factor of a roller shutter

Model, features, size, brand, before buying a roller shutter better it is better to determine a budget because the prices of a shutter can fly. Depending on your needs, you can better choose the roller shutter that fits your window. Before analyzing the average price of a roller shutter, let us detail all the factors that make the price of a roller shutter vary:

Roller shutter brand: KparK, Somfy, Tryba, you benefit from the expertise of professionals. It is necessary to compare the big signs of shutters.

  • The type of opening / closing of the shutter: it can be manual or electric.
  • The size of the shutter.
  • PVC or ALU rolling shutter material: PVC shutters will be cheaper than aluminum shutters.
  • The color of the shutter: the default color is white, other colors will be available in exchange for a higher price.
  • The thermal performance of the roller shutter.
  • The safe performance of the shutter.

The installation of the shutter.

Buying a roller shutter is an expensive operation. The characteristics of the roller shutter strongly impact the price of the shutter. In this sense, it is important to set the desired objectives for the installation of a shutter. For example, for a window overlooking a ground floor, it is advisable to choose a shutter with optimal performance in terms of security.

The price range of a roller shutter is between 200 euros for the first prices and can go up to more than 1000 euros the high-end roller shutter. If you have several shutters to ask, it is better to take the time to compare the price offers and make several quotes.

Tariff of a manual roller shutter

The type of operation of a custom wooden shutters is one of the factors that have the greatest impact on the final price of the shutter. What is the price of a classic manual roller shutter: strap, crank, direct print?

Manual shutters can be found from 150 euros for a manual PVC shutter.

Price of an electric roller shutter

What is the price of an electric roller shutter? Which motorized shutters to choose for its window? The price of an electric roller shutter is more expensive than a manual roller shutter, the motorization of the shutter explains this price difference. There are two types of motorization of shutters:

The Wired electric shutter: the custom wooden shutters wraps / single place with the push of a button.

The electric shutter with remote control: the most practical, the shutter can be controlled remotely.

For a renovation installation, the wired electric roller shutter generates heavy masonry work costly in addition to the purchase of shutters.

A wire shutter is cheaper than a radio electric roller shutter. For a wired roller shutter, count at least 300 euros the component.

For the price of a roller shutter, it is estimated that it is 20 to 30% more expensive than a rolling shutter. So plan at least 400 euros for the purchase of a shutter with remote control. More information on the price of an electric roller shutter.

Price of a roller shutter PVC or ALU

What is the price of a PVC shutter? What is the price of an aluminum roller shutter?

Price of a PVC shutter

The PVC shutter offers the best value for money.

For a PVC shutter size 120 × 120, you will find first price components between 150 and 250 euros . The quality of a roller shutter is important, if your budget allows, go to a rolling custom wooden shutters mid-range. In fact, a first price roller shutter will certainly be more subject to difficult repairs.


For a good roller shutter in PVC, count an average budget between 200 and 500 euros for a roller shutter of quality.

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