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Top Defense Strategies to Play Clash of Clans

This Clash of Clans has now reached to the point where it has become one of the insanely and much popular strategy games. This game offer and give fun. It has such an addictive kind of leveling system that none of us can deny ever. This game gives you plenty and bunch of opportunities so that you can keep on playing. But how to smartly play this clash of clans? Tips for the beginners out there are shared over here. This smart game consist of many levels and you cannot pass those levels with ease. cocth9warbaseofficial site is also giving very interesting Ideas. So what can be the common and important Clash of Clans defense strategy? Check that out from here:

Make Your Clash of Clans Base All Powerful

Your Clash of Clans base should be better and stronger, powerful in each and every manner. This games provide you with multiple tools so that you can easily build and create a better one Clash of Clans base. Place buildings, defenses on your base so that you and your clan can remain safe from any kind of raids. This game is much and more about offense and defense. So what can be the basic things with the help of them you can build a better one Clash of Clan base? First do protect this town hall of yours, create a good and powerful defense, and make walls. Powerful base will not let you to needlessly damage any resources of yours.

Correct Usage of Shields

When for the first time, you will start to play this clash of clans, you will be able to get this three-day shield and during this whole one starting phase, none of the opponents will make an attack on you. During this three-day shield, you should build and create your buildings because once you will be attacked by your opponents, 40% of your base will be destroyed. Do use these gems so that you can buy a Clash of Clans Shield.

Gems saving importance in Clash of Clans Gems

Though you will start this game with a small and little amount of Clash of Clans gems. These gems will let you to buy shields and have this ability to speed up your troop training. But you should not spend your Clash of Clans Gems right in the early days of your play. Save these gems during hard and tough playing session of yours.

Earn as much Free Clash of Clans Gems as you can

You can even earn and get free Clash of Clans gems as much as you can! You can do so by finishing Clash of Clans Achievements. You can earn gems by overcoming any kind of obstacles. If you will earn 3,715 gems then you will get 3,200 trophies. Please visit this link, ig you want more Ideas about games. http://cocth9warbase.com

So which Clash of Clans defense strategy you will be opting? Let us know. No doubt that all of them are smart defensive strategies for beginner and fresh players.


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