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Often Requested Questions What Is An Inbound 1300 Range?


1300 smart phone numbers perth are ‘virtual’ smartphone numbers used to get hold of incoming telephone calls – you cannot ‘dial-out’ and will keep to use present cellphone numbers to dial outside numbers.

The numbers are ‘digital’ in that you can direct incoming calls to any landline or mobile phone quantity; ‘solution factor’. The potential to change answer factors provides the flexibility to manage incoming calls, and is ideal if you need to trade how and wherein calls are spoke back. as an example, you could exchange answer factors based at the time of day, the area of personnel, whether various is busy and more.

How tons do calls to 1300 numbers price from cell phones and landlines?

when dialled from any landline in Australia, calls to 1300 smart phone numbers perth are charged similar to the price of a trendy nearby name. this is why they may be frequently known as neighborhood name Numbers. Calls from cell telephones can be charged a higher fee. This charge varies, and is determined by way of the caller’s smartphone provider.

View the 1300 range patron information precis for complete information on call expenses to your enterprise and clients.

Are there one-of-a-kind types of 1300 smart phone numbers perth sure, there are  kinds of 1300 numbers:

normal trouble 1300 numbers are to be had from provider companies such as 1300 Numbers Australia.

Smartnumbers are 1300 or thirteen numbers which can be fairly memorable and normally spell a word or characteristic a repeating pattern of numbers. Smartnumbers are often known as ‘smartphone words’ and are to be had for purchase from the Australian Communications and Media affiliation (ACMA) at the Smartnumbers internet site.

How lengthy is a 1300 number?

1300 numbers include ten digit, for order 1300 858 751 – and are frequently extremely unforgettable, as an instance they shall

Spell a phrase or call e.g, 1300 top Hat – these are named Smart numbers, or

characteristic a repetitive arrangement of smart phone numbers perthe.g, 1300 858 751.

you could market it a 1300 telephone word this is up to fourteen digits lengthy e.g., 1300 pinnacle Hat Sale; our gadget may be set-up to ignore the final 4 characters. that is a extraordinarily effective manner to promote a special occasion or advertising campaign.

am i able to choose my very own 1300 number?

you can select a ordinary trouble wide variety from one of the many 1300 numbers to be had. if you wish to apply for a Smartnumber, you could choose from our pool of smart phone numbers perth or our solutions specialists can provide you with suggest on the ACMA buy method via calling 1300 858 751, or you may


yes, you may switch your variety from any foremost telecommunications company. find out a way to transfer your current number to 1300 Numbers Australia.

have to I rent or purchase my 1300 number?

The selection to hire or purchase a 1300 quantity is at the discretion of your enterprise and is generally based on business goals.

the subsequent guiding concepts maybe useful: if you want to hold complete manipulate over your variety, keep away from contracts with 3rd events, and feature the choice to extend use of it geographically, then shopping for various is a remarkable choice. you can obtain information approximately the enterprise Code for Rights of Use of Numbers from the ACMA internet site.


what’s a smartnumber?

those are numbers that spell a phrase (e.g. 1300 PIZAAS) or feature a repeating collection of numbers (e.g., 1300 858 751).

The “Australian Communications and Media Authority” (ACMA – an Australian authorities branch) controls all cellphone numbers in Australia. The licensing right to apply those numbers is made to be had for purchase on the ACMA internet site. The price of numbers begin at $250, and range relying on call for and memorability.

who is ACMA?

ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) is the statutory frame charged with the duty for making sure media and communications work for all Australians – this includes Telephony and internet offerings. ACMA does this thru diverse law, rules, requirements and codes of practice. [Source: Wikipedia]

The ACMA internet site is a treasured aid that consists of a wealth of statistics for customers and companies together with statistics and information sheets about 1800 numbers, 1300 numbers and 13 numbers.

How do I buy a Smartnumber smartphone word?


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