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Schwinn Mark III Double Bike Trailer and Jogging Stroller


The Schwinn Mark III is a sleek double bike trailer that can be converted to become a jogging stroller within minutes without any tools needed. It offers smooth ride, comfortable and secure environment for little passengers at affordable cost. Thus, it is one of the smart choices if you are not looking for a lot of extra frills. Better still, this Schwinn bike trailer comes with convenience features that it could fold compactly and quick release wheels make it easy to store and carry on the road to enjoy outdoor activities during sunny day.

Schwinn Mark III Specification and Features

The Schwinn Mark III features dual harness system. It is constructed from a lightweight and extra-wide aluminum frame. This sturdy aluminum is outrigger frame which could protects the pneumatic wheels from damage. The size of alloy wheels is 20 inches that can ride easily on uneven surfaces with interior width of 25 inches and interior length of 20 inches to form roomy space for little passengers. The dimension is about 36.5 x 31.5 x 5 inches when it folds flat.

As mentioned earlier, Schwinn Mark III is double bike trailer means that it comes with two seating capacity and manages to carry 2 young kids up to 100 lbs. Beside the roomy interior design, this Schwinn bike trailer also comes with zippered weather shield. It is great feature to protect toddlers who sit inside on rainy or sunny days. With a universal coupler, it could attach to almost any bicycle. There is 16” front wheel kit that makes it a functional jogging stroller on top of its primary function as bike trailer review.

The Schwinn Mark III is a great double trailer and jogging stroller for the price. Better still, it backed with 5 years warranty that hard to find such long period warranty on other models. It comes with roomy space for two toddlers to sit comfortably in the cabin. Furthermore, it maneuvers around corners fairly well and is easy to convert into a stroller.

Unfortunately, it has sling seats which are hammock style means that less comfortable than padded seats especially for long journey. To enhance the seat comfort feature, some parents recommend placing padding underneath the sling seat prior to taking off for your ride. Having said that, the Schwinn Mark III double bike trailer and jogging stroller are still worth to consider due to its affordability and safety features.


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