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What Is Server Colocation? – What Is Housing?

Housing or colocation is a service intended mainly for large companies and web service companies such as SAAS publishers.

It can meet the most important needs in terms of cheap dedicated server , but not only.

This type of hosting is the rental of physical space in a data center so that the customer can install his own servers.

The customer can rent one or more racks, or even the part of a rack that corresponds to the space that will need the server infrastructure he wants to host. We speak in the latter case in number of “U”, a U corresponding to the space required for the Reseller Hosting  of a conventional format server.

The host also provides the electrical input and the bandwidth, but the server is owned by the customer.

The terminology “housing” is used most often, but depending on the country you will also find the term ” colocation ” sometimes used by web hosts.

  1. Technical implications and responsibilities

Server colocation in a dedicated data center in the domain involves some shared responsibilities.

It should be noted that the customer must take care of the technical maintenance of his machine (parts replacement) and outsourcing of its infrastructure . In this case, no guarantee of recovery time can be considered .

The company offering the colocation service in its data center has, for its part, the responsibility of the connection. Electrical connection and Internet.

It is possible that the customer is relieved of the outsourcing and technical aspect for a financial compensation for the service induced.

It’s all about finding the right balance between finances and manpower.

A company preferring to delegate responsibility for hardware maintenance will prefer conventional dedicated hosting to a colocation service.

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