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But Most Custom Cardboard Cups Are Not Bad For The Environment

When you think of a cardboard Personalised Eco Coffee Cup , you probably think of this beautiful old oak enthronedau the middle of a meadow, which had to be cut leaving all the birds and squirrels without their natural shelter.

Or the free destruction of huge tropical forests and the catastrophic consequences of global warming that can be seen today.

It is therefore justified and important to ask certain questions when dealing with a company producing cardboard cups.

For example, ask them if they know about tree planting programs.

It is important to note that the manufacture of cardboard Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  is now controlled carefully by independent non-governmental bodies, such as FSC or PEFCI.

* Update on Biodegradable carton Goblets

Well yes, despite the paper supply for our FSC and PEFC mills paper cups mills this source of raw materials sourced from sustainable forests, PE coating on these branded cardboard cups still leave them only 99% recyclable, recycling cardboard cups require special accredited process where the PE is separated from the paper before the paper can be recycled, and therefore most of the used cardboard cups in the world are still going into landfills and PE plastic is to enter the earth and contaminate it.

There is a solution though, using PLA or Bio plastic instead of PE and we are launching our range of biodegradable cardboard cups for your brand cardboard cup needs, we will both go ahead at a 100% recyclable and more importantly 100% biodegradable cardboard Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  so they do not contaminate even if they end up in landfills.

We assure you that our manufacturing process is GREEN in every sense of the word.

What is the lead time for making cardboard cups?

It would be natural to think that our cardboard Personalised Eco Coffee Cup  are manufactured on the other side of the world as in China for example, as it seems to be the case for so many products today.

This raises the question of the production time but also the quality of the finished product.

Similarly, we often hear that an inexpensive product must necessarily come from China.

Fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule.

Not only are our cardboard cups made locally, but they are also available in a timely manner and at unbeatable prices, even from China! We produce cardboard cups quickly but without compromising on the quality of our products.


Achieving good graphics on a cardboard cup is not easy and can not be done simply in any graphics store.

Our design team, with its experience, will send you a prototype for your consideration and any amendment will be made quickly and efficiently to satisfaction.

Be assured that the production will start only when you have given your agreement on signature and you will be satisfied with the graphics used.

If you’ve ever used a company that produces custom cardboard cups, you’ll soon realize we’re different.

We use only food grade inks and a high quality carton. The end result is a custom high-end cardboard cup that will draw attention to your brand.

The financial result

It is therefore possible to meet all your expectations to have a high quality finished product, which will position you as a high-end brand.

The finished product will not only be a beverage container but also an advertising tool that will have a big impact on your result line.

Never underestimate the positive impact of having personalized cardboard cups with your company logo. This will make you, you will be unique and recognizable among all in the eyes of your consumers.

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