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Why Compare Motorcycle Insurance Online? – Online Motorcycle Insurance

Tired of paying your motorcycle insurance too much? Fill out our quick and free form and find the two-wheel insurance policy that fits your budget. By comparing the motorcycle insurance quote of the market, LeLynx.fr helps you save up to 145 € per year, while rolling well protected!

Custom motorcycle insurance quotes

Condensed 2017 best prices, the rates displayed on the results page LeLynx.fr vary according to many criteria, including the type of motorcycle you want to ensure. A motorcycle sports, electric, collector, scooter or motocross will give rise to different motorcycle insurance quote. The displacement of the vehicle (50cc, 125cc or 250cc) also plays heavily in this calculation.

Motorcycle insurance adapted to your profile

Another key pricing criterion is your biker profile. Whether you are a young driver, an experienced motorcyclist (A2 license or A license), terminated or malpresented , your track record (shown on your statement) heavily weight your insurance premium. This is called the bonus-penalty coefficient.

Easily change motorcycle insurance quote.

Thanks to the Hamon law, you now have the possibility to change motorcycle insurance simply and without charge, after only one year of commitment. Once your new cover is selected, the insurer will take care of all the cancellation procedures for you. So it’s time to use a comparator to save money!

Compulsory motorcycle insurance

Whether you drive a motorcycle, a moped, a scooter or a quad, the subscription to a two-wheel insurance is mandatory. This is true for any two-wheeled motor whose speed is equal to or greater than more than 6 km / h, even if the vehicle is parked in a garage. To protect all bikers, Article L211-1 of the Insurance Code requires a minimum cover called civil liability to compensate for bodily injury or material damage that the motorcycle could inflict on its driver or third parties.

The different types of motorcycle insurance coverage

By comparing the motorcycle insurance quote, find the formula adapted to your driving among the 3 main types of cover proposed. The third-party form only covers civil liability. The intermediate formula includes a number of optional guarantees (broken glass and optics, theft, fire …). And the all-risk formula, the most protective, but also the most expensive, takes care of your property damage and bodily in case of a responsible accident.

Since motorcycle owners do not all have the same use of their vehicle, there are also motorcycle insurance plans dedicated to occasional drivers, who cover your two-wheelers for a limited time, as well as motorcycle contracts per kilometer , whose insurance premium is calculated based on the distance traveled.

Optional guarantees

You can also benefit from extended coverage by subscribing additional guarantees, such as assistance 0km (to be covered before leaving home) or the “loan of handlebars” (to lend your bike). Be careful though, these optional guarantees may increase your insurance premium. Another cost to consider before you commit: the deductible, which is the amount to your charge in case of compensation by your insurance after a disaster. It is therefore important to study the free quotes on the online simulation page to be sure to make the right choice.

The essential options for bikers

Have you thought of taking out guarantees to cover your equipment and that of your motorcycle? These additional covers could be life-saving in the event of a glitch:

  • The guarantee of the helmet and accessories out of series (bag, top box …);
  • The guarantee against the deterioration of the biker’s protective equipment (gloves, gloves, overalls);
  • The weather option (which takes into account the seasonal use of the motorcycle).

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