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What Are My Chances Of Getting a Home Loan Fr The First Time

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The underwriting standards for the first time home buyer mortgage loans are much less stringent than for most other types of home loans. Therefore, first-time mortgages are easier to obtain, but you must still have sufficient income and good credit to qualify for a loan. Some states have grant and mortgage programs in place that help those who would not otherwise qualify for the first time home buyer mortgage loans.


Generally, you can only get a mortgage if you have a credit rating of at least 640, and you must have a score of over 700 to get a low interest loan. However, you can get a first time home buyer mortgage even if you have a credit rating of only 580. The Federal Housing Administration insures these loans which means Best home lenders in Houston TX receive an insurance indemnity from the FHA in case of default on the ready. Some Best home lenders in Houston TX have home buyer home mortgage programs for the first time, but these programs are usually open to people with many higher credit scores.

Advance payment

If you apply for a conventional mortgage, you normally have to pay a down payment of at least 20 percent. If you take a first time FHA home buyer loan backed up just pay a 3.5 percent down payment. Some lenders have mortgages for first-time homebuyers on which you do not even need to make a down payment. However, you must have a high income and a high credit rating to qualify for a zero down payment loan. As a result, FHA loans are easier to obtain than conventional loans, but other loans for the first time are often harder to obtain than conventional loans.

Debt-Income Ratio

Your debt-to-income (DIT) ratio shows your lender how much of your gross income you are spending on recurring debt payments. You cannot qualify for an FHA loan if your DTI exceeds 41 percent and no more than 28 percent of your income can go to your actual mortgage payment. These guidelines are stricter than on conventional loans. Many Best home lenders in Houston TX do not have a housing cover report for regular home loans and allow borrowers to have DTI ratios of up to 50 percent.

Grants and loans

Most states have some kind of program in place to help first time homebuyers get a mortgage loan. These programs often take the form of payment assistant grants in which case you receive a lump sum from the state that you do not have to repay unless you sell your house in a number of years. These programs significantly reduce some of the initial costs of buying a mortgage. Other programs offer help to low-income people who can help people with high DTIs qualify for loans. As a result, first-time home buyers generally have an easier time obtaining loans than existing borrowers.

Do the fha lenders run credit just before closing?

When you take out a loan secured by the Federal Housing Administration your lender checks your credit report just before the loan closes. As a general rule, this verification takes place the day before the closing of the loan but may occur on the day of closing. unwanted information on your credit report could result in the cancellation of the loan.

Fannie Mae

Lenders raise money for new loans by selling existing mortgages to entities including the government-sponsored mortgage company Fannie Mae. Loans sold to Fannie Mae must adhere to the Fannie Mae guidelines and as of 2010, Fannie Mae requires lenders to verify the plaintiff’s credit rating just before closing the loan. Among other things, Fannie Mae buys large amounts of insured FHA loans. Therefore, FHA lenders should check your credit before closing, although many lenders were already used to doing so before the rule change Fannie Mae.

Credit score

You can only qualify for a mortgage if your credit score meets the minimum required by your lender. You must have a score of at least 580 for the FHA to insure your loan, but your lender may require a credit score beyond the FHA minimum. You prequalified for the loan on the basis of your credit score when you submit your loan application, but the lender may cancel your application if your score does not meet the minimum standard when considered just before closing.

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