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Tinted Glazed Window: An Effective Installation To Home Window Tinting

The Houston home tinting companies window is ideal for anyone who wants to protect their privacy. This model is also suitable for those who wish to dim the inner light of their home. Discover in this article everything you need to know about this type of glazed window.

What are the options for choosing a tinted window?

There are two alternatives for choosing your tinted window. On the one hand, you can choose the Houston home tinting companies model, polyester in general, which applies directly to the glazing. This element is fixed either on the inner face or on the outer face of the glazing. On the other hand, you have the option to opt for the model whose glass has been previously tinted. The color of the glass thus enters the glazing manufacturing process.

The specificity of the film of tinted glazing

The film is most often chosen for its tinted glass window. There are two versions: the non-reflective film and the reflective film. Colorful or clear, the non-reflective version is the most commonly used. The clear model also has the advantage of being very effective in preserving the sun’s rays. However, it does not protect the inside of a house very well from the outside.

Also called solar film, the reflective film provides better insulation inside. And for good reason, the glazing does not let the heat or the cool coming from the outside to enter inside. In addition, it prevents any intrusion of UV rays avoiding premature deterioration of furniture near the window.

In addition, the film can secure your habitat against fire. There are actually fire models that can withstand bursting for several minutes.

Tinted window: the case of the opacifying window

The opacifying window is equipped with a glass that you can dye on demand. In other words, this type of tinted window can light up or darken according to your needs and preferences. This change is possible because it has a liquid crystal film. To do this, simply activate or deactivate the device for the change to take place. The acquisition of opacifying window will avoid you to put blinds or curtains.

How to choose my windows and PVC windows?

Swap offers three ranges of PVC windows with specificities specific to each:

The advantages of PVC windows:

Optimum thermal performance Uw up to 1.1 W / (m².K) and good airtightness: A * 4. Responses for an energy efficient habitat. Joinery doors and PVC windows are very good thermal insulators due to the low natural conductivity of the PVC material. Learn more about the benefits of PVC

Different types of openings:

frame sliding window oscillate- bellows without or with bent Compound set : fixed with swinging tapping base assembly of several standard or custom-made frames  , or transom bent or shaped frame

LE PVC dresses in color

PVC offers multiple possibilities to adopt color in an unlimited choice: stained in the mass, plax or lacquered. Two-colored or monocolored, it will contribute to the architectural aesthetics or interior decoration of your home. Durable and qualitative, the color finishing processes benefit from a set of guarantees.

Double glazing 28 mm

  • Suitable for people with reduced mobility
  • Easy Maintenance – Learn About PVC Maintenance

Adaptation with integrated rolling shutter, half-lintel rolling shutter, renovation rolling shutter or rolling shutter with adjustable slats. Discover our rolling shutters offer.

Aesthetics and safety

  • This range offers profiles, beats and curved glazes
  • 70 mm opening and 80 mm opening for optimum thermal comfort
  • Standard base: 2-sided flower bed (approximately 400 mm high)
  • Reinforced safety standard: mushroom cremone + Centered handle
  • Integrated water discharge

Sobriety and refinement

  • Contemporary or traditional clean lines for this range with curved or molded glazing beads
  • Made-to-measure: a multitude of aesthetic possibilities, shapes, options and adaptations
  • Sleeping and opening 70 mm. Reinforced window in openings and frames according to certification
  • Centered handle

Simplicity and efficiency

  • Contemporary or traditional clean lines with curved or molded glazing beads
  • Economically accessible: a response for the new home and renovation market
  • Sleeping and opening 70 mm. Reinforced window in openings and frames according to certification
  • Offset handle SECUSTIK

What type of opening for my window or window tinting Houston?

Fixed window? Window to hit? Sliding window? The opening depends on the type and configuration of the room to which the joinery is intended.

Consult our advice sheet to choose the type of opening of your window

A matching aesthetic for the entire facade of the house

SWAO offers a closing offer, garage door and gate. A global solution for its customers: a single brand for all openings and closures of the home. An offer of customized products according to his needs and desires!

Combinations of materials are also possible since SWAO has a common color chart for PVC and ALU doors and windows, the garage door and the fence gate. The width of the garage door and fence gate offer, depending on the aesthetics selected, allows you to choose the type of opening required: lateral or sectional sliding, double doors.

Choose your windows and US windows

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