Get a Psychology Degree in Ontario

A psychology degree is an excellent choice for students who want to explore the mind. It can be earned at the bachelor’s or master’s level and can lead to a career in a variety of fields.

Psychologists study the mental and social aspects of human behavior. They use research and clinical expertise to treat mental health conditions, improve the way we learn, and create more meaningful workplaces.

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in Canada. Its wide acceptance in healthcare, industry, education, and other professions reflects the field’s relevance to everyday life.

Earning a psychology degree at an Ontario¬† college or university opens doors to the career you want. It’s a great choice for students who want to make a difference and help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Choose an Ontario college or university with a strong reputation for offering psychology degrees. Check out the school’s undergraduate courses, degree concentrations and credit hour requirements to find an academic program that fits your interests and future goals.

Get hands-on experience through our psychology labs with EEG machines, eye-tracking equipment and virtual reality rigs. You’ll also get to design your own directed studies course or enroll in our co-op program to gain real-world work experience.

Develop critical thinking and analytical skills employers value while earning a bachelor’s in psychology. The bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees are available in several specializations, including industrial/organizational psychology, forensic and developmental psychology.

A BA in psychology prepares students for jobs in social work and other human services, while a BS can focus on educational, research-based, or clinical careers. Alternatively, many programs offer a bachelor’s to master’s bridge option that allows students to complete graduate coursework while still completing their undergraduate degree.

Become a student affiliate of the Canadian Psychological Association, which provides you with a network of other members and helps shape your future in Psychology. Participate in Common Time, weekly workshops, guest speakers, and events designed to connect you with your peers.

Be a part of the world’s best Psychology department at Waterloo, ranked in the top 100 in the world (Shanghai World University Rankings 2020). Join our renowned community of researchers and clinicians who are treating mental illnesses, improving approaches to education, and creating more meaningful workplaces every day.

Take courses that delve into how our brains learn, process information and respond to others’ emotions. Our psychology courses also explore the ways in which groups make decisions, how we think about ourselves and others, and how we can create more meaningful and rewarding experiences.

Customize your program with a minor or an independent research project. Our award-winning faculty can tailor your degree to fit your personal interests and passions.

You can even pursue a doctoral degree in psychology, a highly sought-after career that offers the potential to influence public policy and society. This path requires a minimum of six years of graduate study and supervised practice.

In addition to a well-rounded liberal arts education, students who major in psychology often pursue an internship or work experience that prepares them for their postgraduate studies. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of psychologists have some form of professional internship or employment prior to their doctoral training.

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