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How To Find The Best Rental Price In The USA?

The majority of cheap rent a car companies offer a discount (10% on average) for online bookings

Check out the promotions offered by credit cards

Compare offers from tour operators websites to rental sites

Book your car (well) in advance; last minute rental prices, especially at the airport are the highest. You will have the possibility to cancel your reservation if necessary.

Driving age

Companies do not rent a car to people under 25, with the following exceptions:

The businessmen whose company employs them has agreements with the car rental company.

The states of Michigan and New York allow the cheap rent a car of a car to young people between 18 and 24 years. There is an extra charge of $ 17 to $ 51 a day.

Driving license in the USA

The European or American driving license of more than one year is valid. An “International” driving license is only valid if it is accompanied by your national license. In the majority of cases, the International Permit is not required. Ask the lessor at the time of booking.

Car Insurance in the USA

Complementary all-risk insurance is very expensive and indispensable. It doubles the rental price of the car. Check if your credit card covers this insurance. This is the case for some credit cards issued in the USA.

Where to rent a car in the USA?

Rule number 1: book well in advance. You will be able to cancel most of the time free of charge if necessary.

You risk paying a high price or not finding a car if you rent your car on arrival in the USA.

Visit the sites of major car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, Alamo, Budget, National, Dollar etc. When you have found the rate that suits you, make the reservation and guarantee your rental with a credit card.

On Expedia.com you can rent a car with your European credit card.

Fuel price in the USA

Unleaded unleaded gasoline is almost four times cheaper than in Europe: between $ 2.15 and $ 2.40 per gallon (3.785 liters).

Highway Code in the USA

It is very easy to drive in the United States. The roads are wide, well maintained, signage is abundant and there are many car parks.

Be careful and respect the rules of the road. The police are not joking with the wacky.

If you are stopped for speeding, for example, sit in the car while the officer fills his papers. If he asks you to get out of your vehicle, do it calmly. The officer must under no circumstances feel threatened by a suspicious attitude.

If you are involved in a traffic accident call the police in any case and do not disclose the amount of your insurance coverage. Your insurance or that of the other party will cover the costs related to the accident and you want your file to be unambiguous.

The American drives calmly (except in Miami where the majority of drivers are of South American origin) and politely. It does not make fishtail, does not give you an arm of honor, does not stick your rear bumper at 80 per hour, does not steal your parking space, does not honk as you cross on the nails and do not leave its location by dabbing your vehicle in passing.

The American pedestrian only knows the driver mentioned in the previous point and expects him to be allowed to cross quietly while respecting a safe distance of at least two meters.

There is no priority right. At intersections, motorists must stop at STOP signs. If the intersection is equipped with several STOP signs, the first to arrive is the first to cross the junction.

The speed is limited between 55 and 75 miles / hour on highways and highways and 20 to 45 miles / hour in the city (1 mile = 1.609 km).

If the lane is clear, you can turn right when the light is red (unless otherwise indicated and in some states). It’s absolutely great.

Exceedances are left and right.

When children get on or off a school bus (yellow), you have to stop behind them, no matter what road you take.

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